Event Closed

This event ran April 26-28, 2016 and has now finished.

We are working with governments, metro operators and leading technology suppliers to finalize a list of projects and expert representatives that will be featured and discussed at this year’s event.

Thirty industry leaders will present details of new projects and innovative solutions during this year’s event.

If you have experience and solutions that can help leaders of the region’s major projects, then please get in contact about a possible presentation.

To suggest a presentation title or to request more information about speaking at the event, send a message to:

Simon Edwards | Content Manager and Director
Metro Americas
(57) 3004489059

Federico Gutiérrez
Mayor, Medellín

Mr. Federico Gutiérrez studied civil engineering at the University of Medellin, where he contributed to a project entitled ‘Development Plan for the City of Medellin’ between 2001 and 2003. Federico Gutiérrez went continued his studies in Senior Management from the University of Medellin, and Political Science Pontificia Bolivariana University. Mr. Gutiérrez was elected President of the Council of Medellin in 2008, and worked as an engineering consultant in Mexico and Argentina between 2011 and 2015. In 2015 Gutiérrez was elected Mayor of Medellin, with sustainable mobility and investment in social urbanism two key priorities for his 2016-2019 mayoral term.

Manuel Wu
General Manager, Line 1, Metro de Lima

Manuel Wu Rocha is a civil engineer from the Pontificate Catholic University of Peru and holds a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Piura in Peru. He joined GyM in 2003 as an engineer in charge of the construction of the gas pipeline system in Lima and Callao, and was also the Chief Technical Officer for oil and gas, electricity, infrastructure, and sanitation for GyM’s subsidiary GyM Construction from 2003 until 2007. He became Manager of Sales and Logistics of GyM Construction in 2007 and General Manager of GyM Construction in 2009. He is currently the General Manager of GyM Ferrovias; Linea 1, Metro de Lima.

Claudia Restrepo
General Manager, Metro de Medellin

Ms. Restrepo Montoya is a graduate in business management from the EAFIT University, with a specialization in Political Studies and a Masters in Advanced Philosophy from  Universidad Complutense, Madrid. She has previously worked in a number of key government positions, includingMedellin Deputy Mayor for Education, Culture, Sport and Participation, Medellin Director General of the Social Institute of Housing as well as Secretary of Education and Culture for the Antioquia region among other public and private responsibilities. Ms. Restrepo became General Manager of Metro de Medellin in February 2015, and is now working to implement the 2006-2030 Master Plan, which aims to expand and upgrade transportation across Medellin and the Antioquia region.

Sandra Liliana Angel
Vice President, Metro Cali

A trained engineer, Sandra Angel has extensive experience with urban transportation projects across Colombia. After an impressive academic career in Colombia and Spain, Ms. Angel worked as the Head of Transport for the Bogota Secretary of District Transport. In 2006 she became Deputy Director of Bogota’s groundbreaking Transmilenio BRT network, before becoming the Vice-President of the MetroCali BRT network. Sandra Angel has extensive experience in planning, communications, implementation, traffic management and project financing.

Andres Escobar Uribe
General Manager, Metro de Bogota

Uribe Escobar is a civil engineer, with a degree from the Antioquia School of Engineering. For three years he worked as the head of the National Property Agency Virgilio Barco (ANIVB), where he oversaw various urban renewal projects in Bogota. He has also previously worked for the National Planning Department and the Ministry of Development, before becoming construction manager for Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, where he worked for three years before he was appointed General Manager of the Metro de Bogota company by Bogota mayor Enrique Peñalosa.

Dimitri Zaninovich
Director of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy, National Department of Planning, Colombia

Originally from Cali, Colombia, Mr. Zaninovich studied economics and now has a specialization in finance and a masters in public policy.  He began his career in finance at Citibank and later Fitch Ratings, before he became a professor at Harvard University. In 2010 he became an advisor to the Ministry of Transportation, and in 2012 he worked on the advisory board of the President of the Republic of Colombia. In 2013 he joined the National Department of Planning, and he is currently the Director of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy.

Andrea Orioli
Vice President of Operations, Fluidmesh

Andrea Orioli is the Co-Founder and VP of Operations of Fluidmesh Networks LLC. Mr. Orioli is currently serving as VP of Operations. Prior to serving in this role, Mr. Orioli served as VP of Business Development. In this position, he was responsible for recruiting and building sales channels, tech support and R&D teams. He directed sales, PR and marketing activities, built distribution channels through local and international companies, and developed a pricing structure and a channel partnership program in Latin America and Asia. Mr. Orioli also signed technology alliances with key manufacturers in the transportation and video security markets, and managed international tradeshows reinforcing brand, sales, and marketing positions of the company.

Charles Pineda
Project Manager, Purple Line Extension, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Mr. Pineda is a licensed Professional Engineer and Certified General Contractor in the United States, with over 30 years of experience, in planning, design and construction of large transportation infrastructure, including subways, elevated metros, at grade LRT, monorails, trams, BRT, commuter and freight rail systems.  Mr. Pineda has contributed extensively to implementation of new mass transit initiatives as well as expansion of existing operating systems and associated infrastructure across the USA and Canada. Projects in which Mr. Pineda has contributed include New York’s East Side Access (US$10Billion), Miami International Airport Metro Link (US$1Billion), Washington Dulles Silver Line (US$3Billion), Charlotte (NC) Blue Line Extension (US$1.1Billion), NC (USA) and he is currently managing work on the Los Angeles Westside Subway Purple Line Extension (US$2.8 Billion).

Mr. Pineda is a graduate of NYU and holds Bachelor (BS) and Master (MS) Degrees in Engineering. Mr. Pineda is also a trained and certified Value Engineering specialist with extensive experience in cost
reduction/efficiency on large-mega transit and transportation projects, with an impressive record of cost savings over the course of his 30 year career. An early and avid proponent of Public-Private-Partnerships (P3), Mr. Pineda has helped the development of P3 plans and initiatives in the transit and transportation industry, and also spoken extensively on the application of P3 to large-mega transportation projects for the purpose of overall cost reduction and expedited delivery.

Rodolfo Gonzalez
Director, Metro de Bahia

Rodolfo Gonzalez is a graduate economist from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, with a specialization in planning and transportation economics, a program developed by the World Bank and Ministry of Public Works, Argentina. From 1976 to 1988, he worked for the Argentine government in a number of bodies, including Secretary of Maritime Transport and the Secretary of Transport.

From 1989 to 1993 he became General Manager of the Buenos Aires underground, and from 1994 ro 2003 he was the Director of Operations and New Business for Metrovias SA. From 2003 to 2013 he was the General Manager of Alternate Concepts Inc., the concessionaire for the operation of Puerto Rico’s Tren Urbano. Since 2013 he has worked as the Operational Director for the Metro de Bahia concessionaire, responsible for the construction and operation of Metro de Salvador. He has also worked as the Vicepresident of ALAMYS, during his time working for Subterraneos de Buenos Aires and Metrovias S.A.

Oscar Cuervo Mendez
Operations Manager, FENOCO S.A.

Mr. Cuervo Mendez is a graduate civil engineer, with a specialization in financial management from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. He previously worked as a design engineer for Dragados SA and he joined FENOCO as the director of railway maintenance in 2004. In 2014 he became operations manager for the network and he will speak about managing operations and the future of Colombias rail network during Metro LatAm 2016.

Jorge Inostroza
President, Empresa de Los Ferrocarriles del Estado

An engineer from the University of Santiago, Mr. Inostroza has an MBA fromthe Adolfo Ibáñez University and a diploma in administration from the University of Chile. He is a former general manager of Trenes Metropolitanos and he has previously worked as the Operations Manager for Metro S.A. Mr. Inostroza is the current President of both Tren Central and Empresa de Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE) in Chile.

Alcedir Goulart
Latin America and Caribbean Region Sr. Business Development Manager for Transportation & Logistic, Motorola Solutions

Alcedir Goulart, 20+ years experienced in telecommunication solutions, where in the last 6 years has been dedicated on business development for transportation & logistics for segments such as Railways, Airports, Highways and Ports. Alcedir has a deep knowledge of the demands and requirements from T&L operators and integrators to meet their needs hence, he is able to advice the suitable communication solution for voice and data according to each T&L segment, always with an innovative vision but, considering the level of criticality of the customer operation. Currently at Motorola Solutions is responsible for Latin America and Caribbean Region for Business Development focus on Transportation & Logistic presenting to potential customer our vast portfolio for Radio Communication technologies such as P25, TETRA, DMR and LTE, also, interoperability platform (Wave) to join Radio with Broadband system. However, besides of that, we can offer a cutting edge video aggregation, sensors and alarms into a single platform called Command Central Aware for a situational awareness providing optimized information to make a better decision.

Dr. Marc Andre Klemenz
Head of International Projects, DB International

Dr. Marc Andre Klemenz has nearly 15 years experience of transportation planning and railway operation. He graduated from Munich University with a Masters degree in civil engineering and made his PHD at the University in Hanover. His key qualifications are operational simulation, operational infrastructure planning and operational concepts for regional, urban and light rail transportation systems. His career started as a consultant and scientific researcher at the institute of Railway operation in Hanover.

After one year at the Planning department of the City of Munich he assigned as teamleader for Transport and Operational Consulting at DB International.

After project assignments for the Abu Dhabi Metro, Doha Metro, HS2 in U.K , Suburban railway in Munich and GCC Railway in KSA he became the head of international projects for the region America. Further he was operational team leader for several metro and LRT project in Germany, Australia and Middle East.

Verónika Soto Zúñiga
Development Manager, Autoridad Autónoma del Sistema Eléctrico de Transporte Masivo de Lima y Callao AATE

Jorge Mario Tobón González
Social and Customer Service Manager, Metro de Medellin

Jaime Heriberto Pérez Naranjo
Head of Operations - Tram, Metro de Medellin

Ben Casey
Director, Jensen Hughes

Benjamin Casey is a licensed Professional Engineer and Physical Security Professional specializing in security and fire protection engineering.  His experience includes the interpretation and application of building and fire codes, life-safety analysis/design, and design of security and fire protection systems including: fire sprinkler, special-suppression/early-warning (gaseous suppression, spark detection, etc.), fire alarm/detection, emergency communication (mass notification).  He is also a specialist in performance-based fire/smoke modeling, occupant evacuation/egress modeling, facility condition/compliance assessments, chemical/hazardous materials analysis, and associated construction administration services.

Mr. Casey is the office director and driving force behind fire protection and security excellence in the Jensen Hughes National Capital Office in the Washington, DC area.  Prior to joining Jensen Hughes, Mr. Casey founded and operated a fire protection and security consulting firm based in the national capital region.  He has since adopted a leadership role across the Jensen Hughes Americas fire protection and security practices and facilitates multi-national collaboration with Europe/Middle-East/Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Australia/New-Zealand regions.

He served as Vice President and outreach committee chairman of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) Chesapeake Chapter, is a standards development committee member in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and is an active member of ASIS International for industrial security.

Dr. Clemente del Valle Borráez
President, Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional

Dr. del Valle is the current President of the FDN, an organization responsible for the structuring and financing of major transport infrastructure projects in Colombia. He will speak about the development of ongoing projects, the support FDN provide and how key projects can be financed.

Ronny Francisco Sotomayor Morales
Rail Infrastructure Project Specialist, Transporte Masivo de Lima y Callao AATE

Ronny Sotomayor is leading work on Metro de Lima Line 2 Project for AATE in the Peruvian capital. He is a specialist in the development of rail projects and he will present on his work in Lima at this year’s Metro LatAm event.

Alejandro Hoyos-Guerrero
Transport Specialist, The World Bank

Mr. Hoyos-Guerrero is a transport specialist at the World Bank, focusing on key urban transport projects such as the new Quito Metro project.

During the event he will present on the financing and development of these projects, as well as looking at financing and projected impact.

Dr. Jorge Eduardo Parada Puig
Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela

Dr. Parada Puig has extensive experience working on transport projects across Europe and is now focusing on developments in Latin America. He will speak about his time working with Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) in Holland, and how he is now looking to share that experience as part of his research and work in Venezuela.

Fabio Enriquez Uribe
Regional Sales Manager, Internet of Things, Cisco

Ivan Moncayo Andrade
Business Development Director, Alstom

Olivier Brihaye
Business Development Director, NTL

Humberto Ripoll
General Manager, Transcaribe

General Manager of Transcaribe Humberto Ripoll will speak about the current status of the project and what future developments are planned in the Colombian city of Cartagena. He will discuss strategies deployed in the execution of the project and what the project impact will be.

Pio Adolfo Bárcena Villarreal
Viceminister of Transport, Republic of Colombia